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What You Should Know About Bail Bonds in Tennessee

All bail bonds agents must be licensed by the state of Tennessee Department of Insurance. By applying and meeting all the requirements, a bail bondsman is granted the ability to provide bail services to offenders throughout the state, along with the right to apprehend offenders they post bail for who flee.

More often than not you will find that bail bond agencies are family-owned and operated, which means that you’ll be dealing with people who understand what an offender and their family goes through when someone they care about is arrested for a crime. They will show compassion and work with you to make posting bail as simple and easy as possible.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is an surety, or insurance policy offered by a bail bondsman for the temporary release of an arrestee from incarceration, with the guarantee that the arrestee will appear in court for their bail hearing as required by law.

What does a bail bond cost?

Bail Bondsmen can legally charge a non-refundable fee as low as 10% of the bail amount. Professional bondsmen usually work through a surety that insures, or underwrites the total amount of the bond, but the bondsman will only charge you a percentage of the total to post the bond. So, if the bail is $25,000, at 10% the only fee the arrestee or a co-signer will have to pay is $2,500 to post the bond, which is the service all bail bondsmen provide. The bond is issued based on an agreement and guarantee that the defendant will show up at all court scheduled dates.

When can I post bail?

Once an arrestee is taken into custody by the police, the booking process will begin. After that process is completed and the criminal charges are filed, bail may be posted provided that the offense is not serious in nature. However, making an appearance in court usually will take place within 48 to 72 hours of the arrest. This is when the judge will actually set the bail appropriate for the crime and take into consideration the current crime, along with past criminal history, outstanding warrants, risk of flight, work situation, character of the individual, and safety within the community. If everything balances out in favor of the defendant, bail will be set. If there is any reason for the judge to believe otherwise, bail will be denied and the arrestee will be returned to jail until their court date when their case will be presented in its entirety.

Are there conditions to posting bail in Tennessee?

Tennessee does place certain conditions on defendants who are granted bail, which are: a daily curfew, travel limitations, keeping their job, submitting to drug and/or alcohol testing, along with being required to check-in with authorities periodically. Additionally, in a domestic violence situation, conditions also include no contact whatsoever with the victim, or possibly wearing a GPS tracking device to secure the defendant’s release.

What are the most common bail bonds in Tennessee?

In some cases a Cash Bail Bond might be used when the defendant, or a family member or friend can afford to put up all the cash for bail for their release. While not uncommon, it is not always an affordable solution to the situation. However, if the defendant complies with the court and appears in court as required, once the case is closed and ideally the bond is exonerated, all or part of the cash will be returned to the person who posted the bail.

A Corporate Bail Bonds is the most common type of bond that can be purchased from a professional bail bondsman where the bondsman actually uses their own property as collateral to cover the total cost of the bail bond to the court.

Other bail bonds available in Tennessee include; Property Bond, usually backed by real estate property appraised to be worth at least two times the actual amount of the bond; Federal Bond, which is used for interstate crimes; and, Appeal Bond, which is a bond that can be used after a municipal court hands down a guilty decision, and most bail agents will require cash collateral in this situation.

Can a bail bond be revoked?

The answer is YES. As of January of 2012, Tennessee enforced a new law allowing the criminal courts in the state to revoke or modify bail when a defendant has been released on Personal Recognizance (PR). This revocation will be enforced if the defendant commits a crime while out of jail on a release for another crime.

More detailed information about bail bonds in Tennessee is available when you contact a professional, licensed bail bondsman in the state. You will also learn about the payment arrangements available to pay for the non-refundable percentage of the bail set by the court. Bail Bondsmen try to work with you to make posting bail happen, but they do have the right to refuse their services if a payment agreement can’t be reached.

Make sure you are dealing with a reputable bail bond agency by checking with the states Better Business Bureau.