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CMH Consulting provides Bail Bonds throughout Colleton County, South Carolina. Serving the cities and towns in Colleton County. Call now for a free consultation with a licensed bail agent, at 843-782-4424. One of our professional agents will assist you and help you with any bail bond related issue you might have.



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We are a free bail bond service with bail agents throughout South Carolina. Services our South Carolina Bail Agents offer include: the lowest rates allowed by law, payment plans, no-collateral bonds, free consultations, and many other services to meet your specific needs. Choose the city below you need a bail bond in.

How Bail Works in South Carolina
Many people are arrested and let out of jail on bail in South Carolina every day. Bail works in South Carolina in the same way that it works in states throughout the country. Here are some of the basic things that you need to know about how bail works in South Carolina if you or a loved one have been arrested.

Bail Basics
In order to understand how bail works, you need to first be comfortable with the definition of bail. Bail is an amount of money that is given to the courts in order to release a defendant from jail. Many times, the defendant will have been arrested for a misdemeanor crime. After his or her arrest, the defendant will be taken to jail for booking and holding.

If the defendant is given the opportunity to get out of jail on bail, the defendant will still have to complete a legal obligation to the courts.

Bail Can be Refunded
Bail is given to the courts in the form of a bond. The courts will hold onto this bond as a way of assuring that a defendant returns to court to complete the trial. Once the trial is complete, the courts will release the bond back to the payee of the bond. In essence, bail is simply an amount of money that serves as a promise that the defendant will complete trial.

Bail Amounts Vary
The amount of the bail that a defendant receives is based on the crime that the defendant is accused of committing. Each crime has a different bail rate attached to it. Also, if a defendant has a criminal history, the bail rate may be higher. While bail amounts may vary for defendants, the amount of bail is the same for each crime.

Bail Bondsmen Help
Bail bondsmen are lending agents that provide defendants with money necessary to make bail. In exchange for providing the full amount of money for the bail, bail bondsmen usually get about ten percent of the total cost from the defendant. This down payment is non refundable, even if the defendant completes his or her obligation to the courts.