Missouri Bail Bonds

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How Bail Works in Missouri
Bail is a term that is used to describe the amount of money that the courts will charge a defendant that has been accused of committing a crime in order to let the defendant out of jail while he or she awaits his or her criminal trial. Many defendants are given the option to get out of jail on bail, but what do folks in Missouri need to know about bail?

Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions for more details:

How does bail work?
Bail works when a defendant gives the courts money to hold onto until the defendant completes his or her criminal trial. The exact amount of the bail may vary from case to case, depending on a variety of circumstances, including criminal history. However, bail starts at the same amount for the same crime across all counties in Missouri.

Who pays bail?
The defendant is responsible for paying his or her own bail. If a defendant cannot afford to pay bail, he or she may have to wait out the completion of his or her criminal trial from jail. Alternatively, the defendant can use the services of a bail bonding agency for help paying bail.

What is a bail bonding agency?
A bail bonding agency is a company that is in the business of providing defendants with the full amount of money necessary for them to pay bail. The bail bonding agency will provide the courts with the bail amount directly. This bail amount will be held by the courts in the form of a bail bond.

How expensive is a bail bonding agency?
A bail bonding agency generally charges the defendant about ten percent of the total cost of the bail. Therefore, if bail costs $1,000, the agency will charge the defendant $100 for the bail amount. This amount can be paid by credit card, cash, check and even collateral. However, it is not refundable. When a defendant completes his or her criminal trial, the bail bonding company will then receive a refund of the bail amount that they gave to the courts.

Who needs bail and a bail bonding agency?
Anyone that is in jail while awaiting a criminal trial may be eligible for bail, if the courts grant them the opportunity to get out of jail on bail. When a person cannot afford to pay the bail on his or her own, the person may need the help of a bail bonding agency.