Maryland Bail Bonds

Maryland Bail Bonds provides professional and speedy bail bonding services for residents across the state of Maryland, in more than 300 counties including Salisbury, Baltimore, Annapolis and more.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Maryland Bail Bonds is that we provide 24 hour service for our clients when they need us. Plus, we are available seven days a week so that no matter when you are in a time of need, you can have a reliable bail bondsman at your side.

We are also proud to provide the lowest possible rates that are legally allowed for bail bonds. Therefore, our clients can rest easy knowing that they will be able to get out of jail without wasting their money to do so. After all, we understand that the process of being in jail and going through a trial is stressful enough.

In order to ensure that our bail bonds are accessible for everyone, we provide a variety of payment plans and options, including payments by credit card and no-collateral bonds. When you call one of our knowledgeable bail bondsmen for a free consultation, we’ll walk you through the all aspects of the bail bonding process.

How Bail Works in Maryland

When an individual is arrested on suspicion of any crime in the state of Maryland, that individual will be taken to jail for booking and holding. The individual will then the held in jail until his or her trial is complete. However, because defendants are innocent until proven guilty, they will often be given the chance to get out of jail on bail while they await the completion of their trials.

Bail is an amount of money that is equal to the crime that the defendant has been accused of committing. The bail amount is the same for each crime across all counties in Maryland. A defendant is responsible for paying this bail amount if he or she wishes to be released from jail on bail. However, if the defendant does not or cannot pay the bail amount, the individual must stay in jail until the completion of his or her criminal trial unless a bail bonding agency gets involved.

A defendant is responsible for contacting a bail bonding agency if he or she needs help affording bail. A bail bonding agency will provide the defendant with the full amount of money necessary to get out of jail on bail. This money will go directly to the courts in the form of a bail bond, which the courts will hold onto until the completion of the individual’s criminal trial.

Once the criminal trial is complete, the defendant or payee of the bail will receive a full refund of the bail amount, less any administrative expenses. However, in order to afford the services of a bail bonding agency, the defendant will need to put down a non refundable down payment, which can be paid by credit card, cash, check or collateral in most cases.

If the defendant fails to complete the criminal trial, not only will the defendant lose his or her down payment, but the defendant will also be charged additional fees, including collateral, by the bail bonding agency. The bail bonding agency will not receive a refund of its payment amount until the defendant completes the criminal trial. Therefore, the bail bonding agency may also send a bounty hunter after a defendant in order to rearrest him or her and return him or her to jail.

What is Bail?

Bail is the amount of money that a defendant has to pay to the courts system in order to get out of jail while he or she awaits the completion of his or her trial. This amount is refunded to the payee of the bail once the defendant has fulfilled his or her full obligation to the courts.

The amount of the bail is based on the crime that the defendant has been accused of committing and is usually several thousand dollars. Therefore, many defendants and their families cannot afford to pay the bail on their own.

A bail bonding agent helps defendants get out of jail while they await trial by providing the defendant with the full bail amount. In exchange for this full bail amount, the defendant pays the bail bonding agency a down payment for its services.

Maryland Bail Bonds proudly offers the lowest down payments possible as well as flexible payment plans, including credit card payment options and no-collateral bail. Call us today or anytime you are in need of a reliable bail bonding team on your side!