Managing Your Availability – Part 2 – Phones…the Key to Success

27 Jan 2015

Managing your Availability

In Part 1 of Managing your Availability, I discussed how to “engage” a caller to gain their trust and confidence that you will get their loved one out of jail. In Part 2, I will discuss the importance managing your time, taking calls throughout the night and when you’re on vacation, along with your phone and support systems. These logistics all major parts in the success of your business.

Growing your new bail business relies on the phone ringing, so if you decide to take the night off or you just want to save money, you may decide to turn off your phone. Remember; no phone, no business, no income and you’re out of business. This is not what you signed up for, so understand that being an entrepreneur means sacrificing to get the ball rolling. Many people get arrest throughout the night and mostly on weekends, so be prepared to take a call at anytime…24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Managing your time…


When you commit to the bail business, you must commit to the fact that “your time is not your own” any longer. You are driven to making this new venture a success and giving it all you’ve got. You just need to be sure that your family is behind you all the way and supportive, even if you have to leave a restaurant on a Saturday night to post a bond. This is your new reality while building your business. There will be a time in the future that you’ll have other agents to do this leg work and you’ll be able to finish your meal and enjoy the evening with friends, but right now you will have to sacrifice these pleasures.

One solution is paying for a “live”, 24-hour answering service, who will take the calls and contact you to call the prospective client immediately…and you will. This service comes with a price, but you might find it a good way to manage your time. Definitely, turning off your phone for the night is a bad idea and a good way to lose important business. Basically, this is not an option if you want your new venture to be a success.

Taking calls at night or on vacation…


Unless you’re very secure with turning your phone off at night, think about the potential loss of business. Some agents may have a strong referral system in place with attorneys, so they feel comfortable turning off their phones. However, attorneys might refer a client who will call you at night or early in the morning, and if you’re not available, you could lose that referral source. Then, when things are slow, you’ll feel the crunch from the loss of these referrals. It’s important to have several sources to draw business from because otherwise you’re “putting all your eggs in one basket.”

It’s good to take a vacation so you don’t get burned out, but you need to either have an employee/bail agent to take your calls and post bail while you’re away. Or, you can create an agreement with one or two other bail agents who will take your calls and follow up with your clients, in your absence. This way you at least earn a referral fee and keep things moving forward. And you still should be available to answer your phone in case of an emergency.

You must make a commitment to working long, hard hours to build your new bail business in the beginning. That’s what it takes to realize your goal of success for your future. 



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