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Georgia Bail Bonds For the lowest bail bonding rates and best customer service in Georgia, contact our team of bail bonding professionals at Our professional bail bondsman are eager to provide first-rate service and reliable bail bonding counseling to each of our clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now serving Barrow County bail bonds.

No matter when you need a knowledgeable bail bonding consultant, our bail bondsman can provide information that you can depend on. We have bail bonding agents located in counties throughout Georgia in order to provide immediate access for our clients.

Plus, our bail bonding services are personalized for each of our clients. By creating a payment plan that is unique to each client, we ensure that bail is attainable for nearly anyone in need. In addition to providing the lowest rates allowed by law, our bail bonding teams even provide no-collateral bail bonds.

As a resource, we not only provide free consultations to clients so that they can understand the full bail bonding process, but we also provide a directory of criminal defense attorneys that may help our clients during their trials.

What is bail?
In order for our clients to understand what bail is, we are available 24 hours a day for counseling. When an individual is arrested and taken to jail, the individual is held until the completion of his or her trial. In many cases, the individual will be provided the opportunity to get out of jail on bail while awaiting the completion of the trial.

Bail can be expensive, costing many thousands of dollars in some cases, depending on the nature of the crime that the defendant has been accused of committing. Many individuals require the financial assistance provided by bail bondsmen in order to make bail. In exchange for funding the full bail amount, a defendant will pay the bondsman a fee for the bail bonding service.

Hosea Williams Bail Bonding, Inc is proud to provide defendants with the lowest possible bail bonding rates. Call us today, or anytime you need us, for more information about our personalized payment plans and reliable bail bonding services. We’re here to help!

How Bail Works in Georgia
If ever a person is arrested in Georgia, he or she will be taken to jail for booking and for holding. That individual will remain in jail as a defendant until his or her trial has been completed unless he or she is able to get out of jail. There are two ways to get out of jail: on your own recognizance or on bail.

Bail is a term that is used to describe an agreement that a defendant makes with the courts wherein the defendant gives the courts a sum of money to hold onto until the trial is completed. This sum of money serves as an assurance that the defendant will complete his or her trial. Once the trial is complete, the defendant will receive a refund of the bail amount.

The exact amount of the bail varies from crime to crime, but it is the same for the same crime across all counties in Georgia. For example, the same charge would receive the same bail amount, regardless of where the crime occurred.

In many cases, bail is many thousands of dollars. Most defendants cannot afford to pay for this bail amount of their own. In such situations, the defendants again have two options: to await the completion of their trial from jail or to use the services of a bail bonding agency.

There are many bail bonding agencies throughout Georgia. Each of these agencies is prepared to pay the full amount of the bail for a defendant in exchange for a down payment from the defendant of about ten percent of the total cost of the bail. As soon as the defendant is finished with his or her trial, the bail bonding company will receive a refund of this bail amount. However, if the defendant fails to complete the legal obligation, the defendant will become a fugitive and the bail bonding agency will not receive a refund of the bail amount…until the defendant is rearrested and returned to jail.

Bail bonding agencies generally use bounty hunters in order to track defendants down and return them to jail. Bounty hunters are able to rearrest the defendant. However, if a bounty hunter is used, the defendant will most likely lose more money, as the bail bonding agency will seize assets from the defendant, such as vehicles or homes.