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How Bail Works in Fort Bend County, Texas

If you have been arrested in Fort Bend County, Texas, then there are some specific things that you need to know about bail and about bail bonding companies. Bail is an amount of money that the courts will charge in order for you to be released from the Fort Bend County jail. This amount of money will be held onto by the Fort Bend County court systems in the form of a bond until you complete your legal obligation to the Fort Bend County court system.

Not every peson arrested in Fort Bend will be able to be released from jail on bail. For example, if an individual is arrested on suspicion of murder, chances are good that the person may not be given the opportunity to get out of jail on bail. However, many defendants are given the opportunity to pay bail and walk free.

The amount of bail varies based on the unique situation that each person is in. However, the general bail amount will be the same for each crime across Fort Bend County. For example, the same two people that are arrested for a DUI will receive the same base bail amount. This amount may change based on arrest history and other factors of each case.

Bail is often quite expensive. Even though the full amount of the bail will be returned to the payee of the bail once the defendant fulfills his or her legal obligation, most people cannot afford to pay bail on their own. For this reason, there are many bail bonding agencies in Fort Bend County.

Bail bonding agencies are organizations that are in place in order to provide defendants with enough money to pay for their bail. The bail bonding agencies will provide a bail bond to the courts directly, allowing the defendants to walk free. The defendant usually has to pay the agency about ten percent of the total cost of the bail in exchange for the agency’s services. However, in order for the bail bonding agencies to receive a refund on the bail amount, the defendant will need to complete his or her legal obligation to the courts.

Because bail bonding agencies have a vested interest in ensuring that their clients complete all legal obligations, including hearings and trials, the bail bonding agencies have the authority to hire bounty hunters. Bounty hunters can keep an eye on defendants and rearrest them if the defendants become fugitives by failing to return to court for any of the trials.

In order to stay out of trouble in Fort Bend County, be sure to appear in court for all of your trial dates. As soon as you complete this legal obligation, your bail bonding agency will receive a refund of the bail bond and you will be free of all legal obligations.

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