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One of the most important considerations when searching for a bail bondsman in your area is to find a bail bonding agent that can offer low bail bond rates and counseling right when you need it. That’s why our bail bondsmen are committed to not only serving as a financial partner to help get you out of jail, but we provide free bail bonding consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are in need of a bail bond, it is critical that you understand what a bail bond is. A bail bond is the amount of money that a defendant needs to pay in order to get out of jail while awaiting the completion of his or her criminal trial. This money will be refunded to the payee of the bail bond as long as the defendant completes his or her full legal obligation.

The amount of the bail bond is based on the crime that a defendant has been accused of committing and can be many thousands of dollars. Because many individuals do not have the funds in cash to pay for their bail, they turn to a professional bail bonding agent to help fund the bail. In exchange for payment for the full amount of the bail bond, a bail bonding agent will charge the defendant a down payment for his or her services. A-Second Chance Bail Bonds provides flexible payment options for defendants so that no matter what your financial situation, we can partner with you to get you out of jail. Call us today or any time you are in need of a reliable bail bonding agent to have on your side!

How Bail Works in Colorado

No matter where you are in Colorado, bail works in much the same way. Bail, basically, is an amount of money that a defendant must give the courts in exchange for his or her release from jail while awaiting the completion of his or her trial. The amount of bail is different for each defendant, depending on the unique circumstances of the defendant.

However, the bail amount is the same for the same crime across all counties in Colorado. Therefore, someone that is arrested in Denver will have to pay the same bail amount as they would if they were arrested in Fort Collins.

When a defendant is given the chance to get out of jail on bail, the defendant will need to provide the courts with a substantial sum of money. However, this sum of money will be refunded to the defendant as soon as he or she completes his or her criminal trial.

In many cases, a defendant is unable to pay the full amount of bail on his or her own. In such a situation, the defendant can either stay in jail for the completion of his or her trial, or the defendant can use a bail bonding agency for help paying bail. A bail bonding agency is in the business of supplying defendants with money needed to make bail.

The bail bonding agency will charge a defendant about ten percent of the total cost of the bail as a down payment. This down payment is not refundable, but as long as the defendant completes his or her legal obligation, the bail bonding agency will receive a refund of the bail amount.

The down payment can usually be paid with a credit card, cash, check, money order, or even collateral. Also, just in case the defendant fails to complete his or her legal obligation, most bail bonding companies will also request additional collateral to hold onto as assurance. If the defendant fails complete the legal obligation, the bail bonding agency may seize these additional assets to cover the cost of the bail bond. Also, the bail bonding agency may used a bounty hunter to track down the defendant to rearrest him or her. Once a defendant is rearrested, he or she will probably not be able to get out of jail on bail again.