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Here’s some information on what to expect in case a loved one or friend gets arrested in the City of Pasadena. If you need a bail bond in Pasadena, please don’t hesitate to call Bail Bonds Universal anytime for prompt and professional assistance.

The booking process for an arrested individual at the Pasadena Police Department generally takes a couple of hours, although the wait for the Live Scan fingerprint check alone can take one to three hours. Visiting hours for inmates are 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

When a licensed bondsman presents a bail bond to the police department, release on bail usually occurs within 30 minutes.

The Pasadena Courthouse, at 300 E. Walnut Ave., hears cases for those arrested in Pasadena. The courthouse is basically adjacent to the police department.

The Pasadena Police Department and Jail
207 N. Garfield Ave. (near the corner of E. Walnut)
Pasadena, CA 91101

Here are some key phone numbers to have for Pasadena:
Police department general information: 626-744-4501
Jail: 626-744-4616
Records Office: 626-744-4565
District Attorney’s Office: 626-356-5620

To check on the status of a case, call the Pasadena Police Detective Section at 626-744-4518 or 626-744-4522.

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