24/7 Bail Service in Irvine

This site is dedicated to helping you learn how the bail bond process works in the city of Irvine, California. The Irvine police department is locates at 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606. The Jail in Irvine is a small jail that is really used for temporary holding and booking. Most people that are arrested in the city of Irvine are booked at the PD and are most often transferred to the county jail immediately after booking.

Sometimes depending on how busy the jail or police officers are will determine whether or not a bail bond can be posted for someone in custody. Irvine is located in Orange County, California where bail bonds cost 10%. A bail bond is a contractual agreement between a bail bond company and a court that if the defendant doesn’t appear in court the bail bond company will pay the full amount of the bond.

California has 3 filed rates that bail bondsmen can legally charge 8%, 10% and 15%. There are no 5% bonds or 7% bonds. When an Irvine bail bond company advertises that they write 5% bonds that is usually the down payment and a balance of an additional 5%. In Irvine you can either purchase an 8, 10 or 15% bail bond and that’s it. You might be able to post bail at the Irvine Police Department and you might not. It simply depends on how busy the department is. If they are too busy to accept a bail bond you can always post bail at the Orange County Jail where the accused has likely been taken.

Here are some valuable links and resources in Irvine:
Orange County Sheriffs Department
550 North Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Irvine Police Department
1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606

Harbor Justice Center Courthouse
4601 Jamboree Road
Newport Beach, CA 92660-2595
This is the court that people that are arrested in the city of Irvine will go to for their case.

City of Irvine