Become a Bail Bondsman

Become a Bail Bondsman
25 Sep 2013

As you can see we have the best name in the business and that also comes with the best Bail Agents in the business. From 20 year veterans to new agents with no experience we can help you find your niche in the industry. Many of our Agents are retired law enforcement, young business people, realtors, teachers, athletes and even Grand Ma’s. The Bail business can be difficult to get started and there is a big barrier of entry to the profession but when guided through the process by myself and my team of professionals you will be in business in no time.

Some frequently asked questions:


Q. What does it take to become a Bail Agent?

A. Most states are similar in that there is usually a pre-licensing education course and then a test to follow. Some states you must be sponsored by and Insurance Company prior to taking the test and others you can take the test but might not get a license until you are sponsored by a Surety. Some states require a 1 year internship and others require a 1 day class. All states will do a background check and will deny your license application if you have an iffy background. (Contact us for more information).

Q. Is this something I can do part time?

A. Yes! Absolutely. We recommend that if you are currently working you keep your while getting started. 1) you might need some of the start up capital to help you. 2) You wont be dependant on the money you make from bail bonds to live which is great because you will be able to use the income from bail to reinvest in your new company. Bail is the type of business that you never know when the calls will come in. With that said you might be getting off work and get a bail call and be able to go to the jail and help out a family in need. Or you might find yourself bored sitting around the house and a call will come in. On the other side you might be in the middle of dinner or sleeping and get a call too.

Q. Is it safe for women?

A. Yes, Women make some of the best bail agents in the business. Most of our clients are people calling to post bail for their son, husband brother etc…. Women like to speak with other women on the phone about bail bonds. As for safety, keep in mind most of a bail agents work is done at a police department, so as far as safety goes its pretty safe a PD’s. Also, something to keep in mind is that people that hire bail agents are your friends they are not bad people. And they are people that are asking for your help so there is very little safety concerns except for chasing people down that skip bail. That can get kind of dicey depending on who you are looking for.

Q. What happens when someone skips bail?

A. As a bail agent you will find yourself chasing clients that don’t show up for court. That doesn’t mean you personally have to chase them, but you will need to align yourself with some good private investigators. Unless of course you want to chase people you can but should use extreme caution. We highly recommend you leave this up to professionals and to law enforcement. Its better to spend your time helping clients that need to get out of jail rather than chasing clients who don’t want to go back to jail.

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